Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bird Crazy

I guess this is just a good 'ol fashioned bird blog. Somehow, the topic of the critters just keeps coming up! Today's adventure with the boys was to Clark's Feed and Seed! Ah the joy of petting baby bunnies, walking into the chirping bird room, the kittens! But, today's highlight was the brand new chicks that just hatched last night. We were all mesmerized, and have made the "Viewing of the Chicks" at Clark's an annual springtime obsession. Braeden has requested a chick for Christmas. We shall now test the memory length of a three year old.

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Library Mary said...

HI....you have GILMORE GIRLS listed as one of your favs.....I'm looking for a fellow GILMORE GIRLS fan.....would that be you?