Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why I love weekends...

Friday night started with a delicious dinner made by my husband... Mongolian Tofu. Yummy. Dawn and Bill came over for dinner, so afterward David and I had the chance to get away for a walk on the waterfront. The sunset was amazing! Saturday morning David took Braeden to meet Dawn and Bill for coffee while I stayed home to work on our business project and Isaac took a nap. Having 2 hours uninterrupted focus was really great for my brain! Braeden hung out with his grandparents all afternoon (a Saturday tradition) while David and I ran around with Isaac. We went to the Farmer's Market and scored some lovely shitake mushrooms then headed over to Fairhaven. Dirty Dan Days were in progress so we sat in the sunshine on the village green and introduced Isaac to grass (the kind you have to mow, obviously!). He loved the texture, music all the people and crawling around. It was 70 degrees and sunny.. everyone in the family was happy and mommy was especially happy!

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