Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

The night before Mother's Day I was really hoping for a little more sleep than usual. Isaac has been getting up at all hours for about a week, wanting me to nurse him back to sleep. I have been doing that but getting increasingly tired and desparate for rest. That night he woke up every 2 hours. He was unsettled and fussy and tough to soothe. It felt like I had just gone back to sleep when he was up again. Finally at 4:45 he woke up and I nursed him to sleep looking forward to a couple more hours of rest before Braeden got up. I set him down (ever-so-gently) in his crib and he woke up instantly and started crying. I started crying. Wandered back to bed where I fell face down on the mattress and cried. David gently went to get our sobbing son and let me sleep for a little while. When I got up at 7 Braeden was up and cranky (his sleep, too, has been impacted by this loud baby of ours...). Isaac (who is usually quite happy and alert in the morning) was very edgy and difficult to hold or soothe. What the heck? This can't be Mother's Day... I want a DO-OVER.
Later in the evening, after a difficult day or cranky tempers and lack of sleep (all around) I snuggled up with Braeden. No matter what the situation, Braeden is a champion snuggler. The best around. So we snuggled up on the couch under "orangie" (the mother blanket to his most precious of all loves, greenie). He was softly stroking my arm and he said:
" Mommy you are so pretty and I love you."
I said thank you and gave him a kiss. He replied:
" I told you I love you because it's Mother's Day. I love you."
I said, "Did Daddy tell you to say that?"

And David solumnly swears that there was no coaching involved in that interaction. I guess Mother's Day was wonderful. An to top things off... I got 8 (YES, 8!) hours of sleep last night. Ahhhhhh, motherhood.

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