Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reluctant Blogger

I have been so sad since the day that our nest was attacked that I haven't felt much like blogging. My blog was created and named after the nesting family outside our door, and I couldn't help but feel that they were a metaphor for our family. The mother bird nestled in soft and cozy with her babies. The daddy bird flying around, trying his best to feed and protect his family... actively bringing treats to mother and babies alike. They were nesting like we are, with our young family. Their comings and goings were centered on the new life that they were nurturing, and mommy bird was sacrificing her time to fly and explore so that she could help her eggs develop and grow. They were a miracle, and they reminded me of the simplicity of our choices and the natural joy and self-sacrifice that is the gift of parenthood.
So, here we are with the images of the babies dead on the steps, nest torn apart and eggs scattered in the dirt. What to do with this new information? I have been thinking about our bird family and I realized that the metaphor continues. Sometimes it does seem like nesting families are stalked by predators. It is too difficult for a family to protect itself all alone. The influences of media targeted at pre-pre-schoolers stalks our nest to try and consume our family. The growing wealth inequity creeps up and tries to lure our protection away. There are many preditors (more than those facing our bird family) trying to pull apart the things we have brought together.
I realized that our nest needs, and receives, protection from all around. I am so lucky to have family and friends who love us and our little nest and take care to call attention to preditors and help us keep them at bay. We've had support all along... we've never had to go it alone. So, our nest remains cozy... and this momma can keep on blogging.

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