Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Uh, oh! It's the COPS!

Yesterday we went to the library to check out some books for the week. For some reason, I thought it would be a quick trip in and out (have I not learned anything in the last 3 years?). I popped a quarter into the parking meter and away we went. We had to push the automatic door opening button. Then we had to take the elevator. Then the stairs up to go to the bookdrop that is outside (that one is more fun, duh!). Finally... movie choice for the week, and then books. (Books are a random impulse choice of whatever is nearest. Anything I like is rejected out of hand, slipped surreptitiously into the book bag and then loved as the favorite once home). We stopped at the fountain outside and splashed in the water, passed the patch of strawberries and had to count all the tiny berries we could find. Up the outside stairs where a long discussion ensured about whether or not a bird would poop on our head (nearly happened last week). Ah, top of the stairs, almost there... but wait! A friendly police officer asks if Braeden wants a sticker. He's shy. He doesn't answer. We wait... finally, YES! He wants a sticker. The officer and I chat about our kids (he has 2 boys also, and don't little boys just LOVE their mommies...) Finally, I drag Braeden past the crane... and find a parking cop. Giving my car a ticket! ACK!
Thankfully, seeing that I am the beleaguered mom who was chatting with her partner, she gives me a break. Smiles and asks me to have a good day. Braeden said maybe he could be a police officer. Cool.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A nursing career for me...?

One fun thing about being married to me (I'm sure David would say) is that I change my mind about what I want to be when I grow up. Weekly. Or, more often. This week, what about a nurse? I'm sort of serious, but anyone who knows me would think I was crazy. I am great in emergencies but I swoon at the sight of an infection. Isaac's circumcision was enough to make my knees weak, but I love helping people and am un-phased with almost anything that comes out of a human body. I have fainted in hospitals before, and almost always get light-headed when I'm there. I tend to feel slightly nervous that there are so many sick people there. But, I think I'm nervous because I'm powerless to help.... so, what about nursing? I don't think it's quite a fit, but it is getting close to the thing that I am looking for. Barbara Kingsolver said that happy people have found a way to use themselves like a good tool. I'm now just looking for where I belong in the tool shed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Very un-Martha

I saw a giant book of "keeping house" at the hardware store during one of our near-daily trips. It had tips for how to keep your home tidy, and advised that your appliances are the "furniture of your kitchen. You should treat them as such". I do find myself lounging with my head in the fridge sometimes...
Waking up this morning, I find my house to be very un-Martha. The furniture in the kitchen is covered with crumbs. Everything seems covered in crumbs. I think the laundry room furniture is full of wet towels, strangely. There is a copious amount of brightly-colored plastic sprinkled liberally through each room. My youngest child decided that he loves to devour books. Literally. Ergo, our house is also full of tiny pieces of wet, masticated cardboard. Each room has a theme of disorder that can't quite be tamed.
The giant book is tempting me. If I just had all those excellent tips, I'll bet I would find the time to treat each room like the important part of the home that it is. The book, I'm sure, must have all the answers. It was a GIANT book... calling me toward the perfectly ordered pantry, a kitchen that has clean furniture, everything in its place.
I would go out, right away and get it but there is no room on my bookcase and I have NO IDEA where the baby stashed my car keys. So, I remain, very un-martha.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Joys of Remodel...

So, we love our house again. It turns out all these tiny, insignificant things that "don't really bother us" really bothered us. We have the best contractor ever, and he has put in new french doors, a new back door, a new kitchen window and overhead lighting, and he has trimmed all of our windows and door frames. It is so lovely! Money is always a stessor, as is wondering where to draw the line. The dust and noise and power tools lying around the house are exciting... (Isaac is drawn toward danger, inexorably). But, with all that, last night I sat down on the couch and looked around and felt invigorated and at home. It made it a bit nicer to get up at 5:30 this morning with the baby, too. At least (though dusty and a bit disordered) the house looks pretty. Pictures coming soon... as soon as I can find that darn card reader. I know where it USED to be...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I haven't had much time to post lately... or, more accurately, I haven't had much mental acuity to post! Those living with small children will understand the bone-weary tired that comes with it. Isaac is 7 months old now, and still waking up several times a night. We have tried everything that we can think of. Just when we think we've got it everything breaks apart.
Today at Fred Meyer Braeden kept saying "this is my cheese. My double decaf cheese. Cheese is made out of a special kind of decaf milk." In my haze I just said: "Yep. That's right". I didn't even laugh!
To make things more interesting, we are remodeling our house. We love the changes that we are making, but everything is dusty and moved into unexpected places. Just when my brain only works on auto-pilot things are changing!
As you know, it all goes by so fast. I'll tell you, it better! :)