Friday, May 9, 2008


We had Jonathan and Julie over for dinner last week. As I sat and talked with Julie, who has been at home for awhile while she looks for a new job, she shared that she had been baking homemade yeast bread. We talked about having the time to do some of the things we always want to do like gardening, baking and knitting. I want to make sure that I enjoy this time home with my babies as much as I can... so, to that end I am endeavoring to try my had and making our home cozy for all beings and fun for me. I have made jelly, build a mossy-rock wall in our front yard, replanted flowers, baked bread (and muffins, cookies and scones!), tried to use new ingredients for cooking that I have never tried before and I am trying to convince David that we want to raise chickens. (No luck on the chickens by the way...) All new little twigs and twine for my nest, and what a splendid treat!

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