Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Love Birds Nesting

The last week has been a flutter of excitement in the shrub outside our front door. As we walk up the steps into our house we are greeted with a tiny finch nest, right at eye level. For weeks now the sounds of furious bird-construction have been coming from the front porch. The nest was finished about two weeks ago. All yesterday the mouse-brown female sat in her nest watching our comings and goings. We did not get a peek inside. Today, she left the nest and allowed us a glimpse. Five speckled eggs in her cozy nest. Palest blue with tiny brown speckles. They look like the Easter candy, Robin's Eggs, but less garish. We can't believe our luck! Five babies should be living on our front stoop in about 2 weeks. The momma bird is back in her roost, with red-breasted dad making a loud show of feeding her and protecting the nest, swooping all around. Now I am staying up at night, thinking about how to keep cats off our porch.

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