Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zen of Preschooler

On Friday I took my kids (Braeden, 3 and Isaac, 6 months) for a stroll in the neighborhood. It was in the 50's out, blue sky and lovely. We collected rocks and leaves, and a Braeden found a very special prize. A little bb that somehow Braeden knew was something that was fired out of a gun. (We haven't yet touched on the subject of weaponry with him yet...). We walked down to a small creek that flows through a green belt across the street from our house. We have ventured there fairly often, and last week followed a mother deer and her fawn down the creek.This time, as we walked along the bed of the stream and came upon a concrete spillway, we saw some piece of electronic equipment that had been smashed into bits. Wires and bits of plastic were scattered all around and I was really upset to see our tranquil spot sullied. Braeden asked what the matter was and I told him that I was sad about the mess in the creek, and mad that someone would leave it there on purpose. Braeden looked up at me and said "Don't worry mommy. We just need to get a big bag to put the pieces in and then it can go in the garbage where it belongs and won't that be good?" I love that kid.

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